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esa2Esa Pietilä Productions produces high-quality art music. The company operates in the field of music production and event management by arranging concerts and music events, consulting the music industry and producing custom-made compositions. The company is led by the internationally renowned saxophonist and composer Esa Pietilä. Esa’s successful career in various jazz and contemporary music orchestras, his fully improvised saxophone solo concerts and solo acts for chamber orchestras as well as his compositions have helped him to establish a reputation as a wide-ranging and visionary artist, soloist, composer, improviser and music producer. To read more about Esa, visit his artist page:

Esa Pietilä Productions administers Pietilä’s compositions, produces custom-made music in various productions and arranges topical high-quality music concerts and events, such as Helsinki Free Fall Festival ( In addition, Esa Pietilä produces sound for movies, dance and theatre productions and infrastructural needs.

kuvapietiläThe company also produces and tailors various “Creativity: Lecture & Concert” packages for other businesses. These packages give corporations insights into creative group dynamics and well-being and provide tools for the needs of creative leadership and decision-making. The packages combine an improvised trio concert with a lecture by composer-pianist-writer-lecturer Eero Hämeenniemi. The lecture deals with improvisation, creativity and impromptu decision-making in music, and how creative group dynamics can lead into successful innovations. Studying the internal group dynamics of an improvising music group can give excellent insight into creative leadership and group work in different business environments.

In addition to the lecture & concert packages, Esa Pietilä’s various jazz and contemporary groups perform in other business events as well. Please send your enquiries to our business-to-business sales representative:

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